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  1. Antimicrobial polymer derived silver - (copper) - nano

    DE-102006006675-A1 (2007)

    IPC codes: C04B35/583, C04B35/589, C04B35/571, C04B35/14, C04B35/00, C04B35/01

    Jurisdiction: DE

    Filing date: 2006-02-14

    Patent family size: 1

    Antimicrobial moldings and coatings can be used in many different ways and are becoming increasingly important. The previously known examples, however, have a profile of properties is inadequate for somemore

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  2. Dispersing agents for metal nanoparticles in an organic medium

    DE-112007002669-T5 (2009)

    IPC codes: C09D7/45, B22F1/00

    Jurisdiction: DE

    Filing date: 2007-11-09

    Patent family size: 1

    Colorless nanoparticles - dispersion, comprising metal nanoparticles, at least one solvent and at least a dispersing agent in an amount which is sufficient to disperse the metal nanoparticles.

  3. Polymeric antimicrobial agent for polyethylene and its copolymers and molded parts employing this

    KR-20160041122-A (2016)

    IPC codes: C08F210/02, C08L23/04, C08L33/04, C08F220/36, C08J5/18, C08F8/30, C08F220/34, C09D5/03

    Jurisdiction: KR

    Filing date: 2014-10-06

    Patent family size: 1

    invention polyethylene acrylic acid copolymer of acrylic acid functional groups or polyethylene methacrylic acid copolymer of methacrylic acid functional groups to 4 C C -20 the alkyl group is a quaternarymore

  4. Active polymeric films

    IN-2011DN04912-A (2012)

    IPC codes: C08F2/46, C08G73/02, B29D7/01, C08F2/52, A61L15/18, C08K3/08, C09D179/02, B32B5/16, C08L39/00, C08L79/02, A61F13/15, C08K3/02, B32B27/30, C08J5/18, A61L15/22, C08F26/00, B32B3/00, C09D139/00, B32B27/00, D06M15/61

    Jurisdiction: IN

    Filing date: 2011-06-27

    Patent family size: 147

    Active polymeric films are described which comprise a permeable polymer matrix provided with one or more functional groups and, embedded within the polymer matrix, one or more nanoparticles of an inorganicmore

  5. Active polymeric films

    CA-2747209-A1 (2010)

    IPC codes: A61F13/15, A61L15/22, A61L15/18, B29D7/01, D06M15/61, B32B27/00

    Jurisdiction: CA

    Filing date: 2009-12-16

    Patent family size: 6

    Active polymeric films are described which comprise a permeable polymer matrix provided with one or more functionalgroups and, embedded within the polymer matrix, one or more nanoparticles of an inorganicmore

  6. Particle hybrid antibacterial, process particle hybrid antibacterial preparation, pharmaceutical composition, use and antibacterial material containing the same

    BR-PI1002559-A2 (2012)

    IPC codes: A61K9/14, A61K31/14, A61K47/38, A61P31/00

    Jurisdiction: BR

    Filing date: 2010-07-12

    Patent family size: 1

    A presente invenção trata de partículas híbridas antibacterianas, bem como a aplicação das mesmas nas áreas farmacêutica, biotecnológica, química, imuno-diagnóstica, biomédica ou preventiva.

  7. A green approach in metal nanoparticle-embedded antimicrobial coatings from vegetable oils and oil-based materials

    WO-2009091900-A1 (2009)

    IPC codes: A01N59/00, A01N25/04

    Jurisdiction: WO

    Filing date: 2009-01-15

    Patent family size: 1

    The present invention generally relates to a method of making nanoparticles and uses thereof. In particular, the invention relates to methods of making metal nanoparticles (MNPs). The invention also relates tomore

  8. Durable antimicrobial coating composition

    US-20160032113-A1 (2016)

    IPC codes: B05D7/02, C03C17/10, C04B41/83, C23C30/00, C03C17/32, C04B41/88, B05D7/06, C09D5/14

    Jurisdiction: US

    Filing date: 2014-11-27

    Patent family size: 2

    The presently claimed invention provides a coating composition for an antimicrobial coating, and a method for synthesizing the coating composition. A coating method for deposition of the antibacterial coatingmore

  9. Composition containing silver nanoparticles and an antibiotic obtained from clove india and its use

    BR-102014021569-A2 (2016)

    IPC codes: A61K33/38, A61P31/04, A61K31/085, A61K9/14

    Jurisdiction: BR

    Filing date: 2014-08-29

    Patent family size: 1

    composition containing silver nanoparticles and achieved antibiotic clove India and its use. Application: areas of human and animal health, preferably in the pharmaceutical, control human infections and othermore

  10. Composition involving silver nanoparticles, chitosan and antibiotics combined with potential antibacterial

    BR-102012027335-A2 (2014)

    IPC codes: A61K9/14, A61K31/722, A61K33/38, A61P31/04

    Jurisdiction: BR

    Filing date: 2012-10-25

    Patent family size: 1

    A presenten invenção diz respeito a uma composição que possui uma aitividade antibacteriana e um potencial de aplicação no combate a bactérias Gram positivas e Gram negativas, resistentes ou que apresentemmore

  11. Thermoplastics manufacturing method antimicrobial for training in situ metallic silver nanoparticles, masterbatches and / or nanocomposites polymeric antimicrobial and their uses

    BR-PI1005093-A2 (2013)

    IPC codes: B82B3/00, C08J3/00, C08K3/08

    Jurisdiction: BR

    Filing date: 2010-12-08

    Patent family size: 1


  12. Hyaluronic acid silver nanoparticles with antibacterial function, manufacturing method and antibacterial formulation thereof

    TW-I539958-B (2016)

    IPC codes: A61P31/02, A61K33/38, A61K47/36, B82Y5/00

    Jurisdiction: TW

    Filing date: 2013-04-23

    Patent family size: 2

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  13. Electrolytic bath for producing antibacterial metal composite coatings of antibacterial zinc metal particles (zn/pma)

    WO-2016170408-A1 (2016)

    IPC codes: B82Y30/00, C25D3/22

    Jurisdiction: WO

    Filing date: 2015-12-10

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention relates to the use of an electrolytic bath for electro-depositing metal composite coatings of zinc particles of metals with antibacterial capacity, which inhibits the growth of bacterias such as more

  14. Water purification system for polymeric films for use with silver nanoparticles

    BR-102012005946-A2 (2014)

    IPC codes: B82Y30/00, C02F1/28

    Jurisdiction: BR

    Filing date: 2012-03-16

    Patent family size: 1

    Trata-se de um protótipo.a ser aplicado na purificação da água que se apresenta como uma nova tecnologia aplicada na eliniinaçio de microorganismos nocivos aos seres humanos. Consiste de uma fina camada demore

  15. Antiseptic formulation containing silver nanoparticles for use dental

    BR-102013013996-A2 (2015)

    IPC codes: A61P31/00, A61K6/00, A61K9/51, A61K33/38

    Jurisdiction: BR

    Filing date: 2013-06-06

    Patent family size: 1

    SUMMARY Invention Patent: ?? antiseptic formulation CONTAINING SILVER NANOPARTICLES FOR DENTAL USE ??. The present patent of invention refers to the use of silver nanoparticles in combination or not withmore

  16. Acrylic paints, varnish epoxy, polyurethane varnish and paints pvac

    BR-102012026298-A2 (2014)

    IPC codes: C09D175/04, C09D163/00, C09D133/08, C09D5/14

    Jurisdiction: BR

    Filing date: 2012-10-15

    Patent family size: 1

    Esta invenção descreve vernizes com características biocidas para serem aplicados sobre substratos orgânicos ou inorgânicos. Os vernizes ora descritos são aditivados com biocidas, podendo ser incolores,more

  17. Silver nanoparticle antimicrobial coating for long-term and short-term infection resistance

    US-20130238085-A1 (2013)

    IPC codes: A61N1/05, A61F2/02, B05D1/00, A61F2/82, A61N1/375

    Jurisdiction: US

    Filing date: 2012-03-08

    Patent family size: 3

    Disclosed herein is an implantable medical device including an antimicrobial layer. The antimicrobial layer may include a first distinct size of silver nanoparticles, a second distinct size of silvermore

  18. Antimicrobial foam and method of manufacture

    WO-2011103046-A1 (2011)

    IPC codes: C08J9/35

    Jurisdiction: WO

    Filing date: 2011-02-14

    Patent family size: 3

    An antimicrobial foam includes an open-cell foam in a foam matrix defining a plurality of interconnected bubbles therein. Silver nanoparticles are suspended within the foam matrix. The foam matrix may be mademore

  19. Silver nanoparticle stabilized by thioglycolic acid

    BR-102012029535-A2 (2014)

    IPC codes: B01D11/02, B82B3/00

    Jurisdiction: BR

    Filing date: 2012-11-21

    Patent family size: 1

    Nanopartícula de prata estabilizada por pácido tioglicólico compreende uma metodologia para estabilizar uma nanopartícula de prata, gerada por qualquer método, sem a necessidade de agente de transferência demore

  20. Oxygenated antimicrobial topical composition

    US-20150044299-A1 (2015)

    IPC codes: A61K33/38, A61K9/51, A61K47/02

    Jurisdiction: US

    Filing date: 2014-08-12

    Patent family size: 3

    The present invention relates to an antimicrobial topical composition and process for making such composition. The composition comprises of ionic silver, silver nanoparticles, and oxygen, combined within a gelmore