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  1. This invention claims a synchronous radiation situ testing device of

    CN-106248703-A (2016)

    IPC codes: G01N23/06

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2016-10-19

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention claims a method for the synchrotron radiation situ testing device of top end of side wall of flange and flange are respectively through the stainless steel pipe is connected to the cavity tubemore

  2. Dry gas gasoline production and component adjusting method of

    CN-106244224-A (2016)

    IPC codes: B01J29/40, C10G50/00, B01J35/00, B01J37/10

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-06-12

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention relates to a method for producing a gasoline blending component from dry gas. The method comprises that dry gas contacts benzene on a catalyst, wherein the catalyst is a binder-free ZSM-5more

  3. Prefoamed epo beads, preparation method and device of prefoamed epo beads

    CN-106280046-A (2017)

    IPC codes: C08J9/14, C08J3/22, C08L23/08, B29C47/92, C08L25/06, C08J9/12, C08L53/02, C08L23/04, B29B9/06

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-05-29

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention discloses prefoamed EPO beads. The prefoamed EPO beads are prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 10 to 90 parts of polystyrene resin, 10 to 90 parts of polyethylene resin,more

  4. This utility model claims a synthetic leather

    CN-106319991-A (2017)

    IPC codes: B32B33/00, B32B27/08, D06N3/14

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-06-30

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention relates to the technical field of an artificial leather, and especially relates to a synthetic leather. The synthetic leather comprises a base cloth layer and a wet-process Bass layer formed onmore

  5. Gas barrier film and its manufacturing method

    CN-106457765-A (2017)

    IPC codes: C23C16/42, B32B9/00

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-06-16

    Patent family size: 4

    The present invention addresses the problem of providing a gas barrier film which has little in-surface variation in the gas barrier properties thereof and in which deterioration in the gas barrier propertiesmore

  6. Abuse and misuse deterrent transdermal systems

    CN-106459293-A (2017)

    IPC codes: C08F214/26, C08F214/18

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-01-21

    Patent family size: 12

    An abuse deterrent and misuse deterrent transdermal patch comprising aversive agents incorporated in the backing layer of the patch. The aversive agents can exhibit biphasic or sustained kinetics of releasemore

  7. This utility model claims a tobacco additive for muskiness in xylene and sesame polyphenol method for measuring

    CN-107064399-A (2017)

    IPC codes: G01N30/88

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2016-12-26

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention provides a method for measuring musk xylene and sesamol in a tobacco additive. The method comprises the steps of adding an isotope internal standard solution of a to-be-measured compound to themore

  8. Synthetic reaction kettle for water reducing agent

    CN-106466588-A (2017)

    IPC codes: B01J4/00, B01J19/18

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-08-14

    Patent family size: 1

    This invention claims a water reducing agent synthesis reaction kettle comprising kettle main body of the motor speed reducer the heating device temperature control device and stirring device; The kettle bodymore

  9. This utility model claims a trimerization hydrocyanic acid production device and its application

    CN-106466589-A (2017)

    IPC codes: B01J19/08, B01J19/12, B01J19/18, B01J8/00, C07D251/32

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-08-19

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention claims a trimerization hydrocyanic acid production device and its application. The isocyanate trimer acid production device comprises reaction tank body of the transmission system and ammonia gasmore

  10. Electron microscope sample and observing method of

    CN-106663584-B (2018)

    IPC codes: H01J37/22, H01J37/28, H01J37/26

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-06-08

    Patent family size: 8

    The invention claims a test sample not only the orientation of wafer type is he even if it is not practician it is capable of handling capacity good and high precision alignment crystal orientation of themore

  11. Cap for medical device

    CN-106102595-A (2016)

    IPC codes: A61B17/00, A61B1/00

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-02-10

    Patent family size: 4

    For medical equipment cap has a base member. Base part is installed in the endoscope of medical device of the inserting part the front end of the. On the base part and two connecting rod parts that it canmore

  12. Bimorph-type piezoelectric film

    CN-106104825-A (2016)

    IPC codes: H01L41/45, G06F3/041, H01L41/313, H01L41/113, H01L41/193

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-02-26

    Patent family size: 7

    An object of the present invention is to provide a bimorph-type piezoelectric film, the bimorph-type piezoelectric film being capable of providing a highly transparent touch panel or the like that is notmore

  13. Movement microelectromechanical systems (mems) package

    CN-106145024-A (2016)

    IPC codes: B81B7/00, B81C1/00, B81B3/00, B81B7/02, B81C3/00

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-11-16

    Patent family size: 3

    The present disclosure relates to a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) package with an anti-stiction layer, and an associated method of formation. In some embodiments, the MEMS package comprises a devicemore

  14. Pc-abs alloy material and preparation method thereof

    CN-106147183-A (2016)

    IPC codes: C08L51/00, C08L69/00, C08L35/06, C08L55/02, B29C47/92

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-04-01

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention provides a PC-ABS alloy material and a preparation method thereof. The PC-ABS alloy material is prepared from 50-90 parts of polycarbonate, 10-45 parts of ABS resin, 1-10 parts of a compatilizer,more

  15. This utility model claims a high conversion rate of the evoh method for preparing

    CN-106146721-A (2016)

    IPC codes: C08F218/08, C08F210/02, C08F8/12

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2015-04-17

    Patent family size: 1

    An evoh method to prepare solution of acetic acid vinyl ester monomer initiator and ethylene monomer as raw material is in the kettle of the initial material adding polymerization reaction and blowing out themore

  16. Electromagnetic spectrum which can detect the plastic package component

    CN-103517856-A (2014)

    IPC codes: B65D83/00, G01V15/00, C08K3/30, B29K23/00, B29C45/00

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2012-03-23

    Patent family size: 19

    Claims a plastic packing component comprises through the electromagnetic spectrum which can detect the addition of the resin forms an additive and resin mixed. Said resin is formed in the plastic packagemore

  17. Soil sterilizer for improving quality of soil

    CN-105815342-A (2016)

    IPC codes: A01N43/16, A01P1/00, A01N63/04, A01P7/04, A01N63/02, A01P3/00, A01N65/36, A01N25/26, C09K17/40, C09K101/00

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2016-04-07

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention claims a reinforced soil soil of the disinfecting agent is comprised of following weight parts of the matter: 10~15 parts liquorice 8~10 parts ishimi through 5~10 parts cockscomb 6~8 parts lumore

  18. An angle quality conditioning model double layer of the whitening cosmetic liquid and preparation method thereof

    CN-105816390-A (2016)

    IPC codes: A61K8/34, A61K8/97, A61K8/64, A61Q19/02, A61K8/92, A61Q1/14

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2016-05-13

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention claims an angle quality conditioning model double layer of the whitening cosmetic liquid according to weight percentage comprising following components prepared by raw material: Grease is 20%- 35%more

  19. An anti-wrinkle egf moisture mask and preparation method thereof

    CN-105816415-A (2016)

    IPC codes: A61K8/49, A61K8/60, A61K8/65, A61Q19/00, A61K8/64, A61K8/97, A61Q19/08, A61K8/67, A61K8/34, A61K8/99, A61K8/73

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2016-04-07

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention discloses an anti-wrinkle moisturizing EGF facial mask which consists of the following components in percentage by mass: 0.01-2% of hyaluronic acid, 0.01-1% of gastrodia elata polypeptide, 0.01-1%more

  20. Relieving and calming type cleansing water containing petals and preparation method thereof

    CN-105816366-A (2016)

    IPC codes: A61Q1/14, A61K8/92, A61P31/02, A61K8/365, A61K8/67, A61P37/08, A61Q19/08, A61K8/73, A61Q19/00, A61P25/20, A61K8/64, A61K8/34, A61K8/44, A61K8/63, A61K8/97, A61K8/60, A61P17/18, A61Q17/00, A61K8/86, A61K8/88

    Jurisdiction: CN

    Filing date: 2016-03-16

    Patent family size: 1

    The invention provides a relieving and calming type cleansing water containing petals. The cleansing water comprises the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 5 to 20% of surfactant, 5 to 20% ofmore